Letter: Return to American values



In the July 16 Business section column, “Copano recommendation gets a thumbs-up,” Malcolm Berko’s writing really takes the “bull-by-the-horn” and clarifies the financial dilemma that many of my fellow Americans (and myself) see as the real problem. Berko states, “The blame — 100 percent of it — belongs to the 535 members of Congress.”

We have been depending on those chosen to represent us, to make the hard decisions and what we have received are choices based in political baloney and laced with individual power quests. What we need is a dose of old fashioned God-fearing Americanism. What we have been getting is “mint tea” party members who have demonstrated that they too are looking for their piece of political pie (that of power and money).

Hang the conservative and liberal this or that, dump the party with the tea (as we did historically years ago) and run up the banner that states, “I am American; true to the values that made this country strong. I am American; willing to put my country first to keep her strong. I am American; able to reach out and help my fellow citizens to protect and sustain their way of life. I love being an American.”

How long is long enough?

John M. Larson