Letter: Mielke misguided on biomass project



Much in the July 13 story, “County selects biomass partner,” revealed how our Clark County commissioners think, particularly Chairman Tom Mielke. With good reason, the commissioners have some reservations about the biomass-fed heating plant planned for our city center, particularly Commissioner Steve Stuart.

Despite the assurances of the contractor, the quality of our city center life could be markedly reduced. Will the stack gas be dangerous and noxious? Will the presence of an industrial plant in the middle of the city be a discordant presence? Will it pay for itself? Despite such concerns, Mielke, along with fellow Commissioner Marc Boldt, has voted to continue with the project as he feels it is an acceptable “venture” and a gamble worth taking.

In my 77 years. I have voted in 30 or more elections, probably involving 300 or more candidates. None of them ever claimed to be willing to gamble with their constituents’ money. None of them ever suggested that taking their community into a project that could be called a venture was acceptable. That is, until now.

Such an attitude on the part of Commissioner Mielke suggests to me that there is little to be gained from this venture — and much to be lost.

Mark Jander