Official: Raw sewage stops spilling into NY river



NEW YORK (AP) — Raw sewage has stopped spilling into New York’s Hudson River after pumps at a wastewater treatment plant began working again.

A spokesman for New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection says untreated discharges stopped at about 9:30 p.m. Eastern time Friday.

The DEP’s Farrell Sklerov says workers are trying to stabilize the repairs at the plant.

DEP Commissioner Caswell Holloway says the pumps are handling all the incoming flow. He says sewage that had been stored in the system is being reduced.

Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith says “heroic work” has been done to get the Manhattan plant back in service.

The North River Wastewater Treatment Plant was taken offline following a fire in the engine room. Untreated wastewater began flowing into the river Wednesday afternoon.