Tortoise’s artificial limb came from Ace Hardware



PULLMAN, Wash. (AP) — The artificial limb put on an African tortoise at Washington State University didn’t come from a high-tech prosthetics lab. It came from Ace Hardware in Pullman.

The caster-style wheel cost around $7, according to the two veterinarians who installed it on the tortoise after amputating a damaged front leg. They say the wheel was purchased off-the-shelf, as was the epoxy that attached it to the shell.

The tortoise was shown to the public on Thursday, and spent his time eating grass and other plants outside the WSU veterinary hospital.

Doctors Nicol Finch and Courtney Watkins say the tortoise is moving well and gaining weight. They say this is the first time they have put a wheel on a tortoise, although the procedure has been done in other places.