Letter: Romney’s morality questioned



Mitt Romney has officially entered the race to become president. I’m wondering how we as a country can go from having the first black president ever to a president who was an active member of an organization that had racist policies against black people. Romney is a Mormon and although I don’t care about a person’s religion, it cannot be overlooked that this organization was racist and that Romney was a believing member of the organization before racist bans were lifted. Romney got married in a building that black people were once banned from entering. He went on a mission to France and tried to convert people during a time when blacks were banned from the priesthood and banned from going on missions themselves. Romney doesn’t answer the question as to why he continued to be part of such a racist organization. He always says that it was a happy day for him when the racist bans were lifted. That hardly explains why he ever was part of it in the first place. America needs to move forward, and we cannot go from a black president to a president with a past such as Romney’s.

Laci M. Green