Letter: Are all military actions bad?



Genevieve Kortes’ July 8 letter, “Peaceful dissenters are targeted,” and Gene Kuechmann’s July 1 letter, “Resolutions swamped by heat of war,” espouse ideas that wars are bad, especially wars in which America participates. Kortes takes on the Israelis and our support of them, not mentioning that Israel’s actions are in retaliation, and they are striking back for Palestinian actions usually which are taken from family homes, schools or other pubic buildings. Kuechmann is more general, seeming not to like war, or is it just American wars?

It would be most helpful if both would tell a little more history of how we got to where we are, cite more specifics, and note the dates of when would have been a good time to have quit World War I and World War II — since both were none of our business and they cost a lot. And since history usually repeats itself, they could go back to that terribly irresponsible war that George Washington was involved in. Most of us do not remember what a total waste of money Washington’s war was, and against a friendly country also, but then again, at least it got him elected president.

Maybe history does repeat itself.

Ronald “Wick” Thomas