Letter: Liability begins and ends with Obama



The July 16 Opinion page of The Columbian appears to really show its liberal bias on the national debt issue.

First there was the silly cartoon that disgracefully portrays the Republican Party’s view of Social Security as “Republican Utopia.”

Then there is the cynical column “Cantor offers sneers, not solutions” by Dana Milbank, chastising Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., for his facial expressions. Milbank’s opinion is another liberal attempt to frighten the public in the same manner that the president and his minions in Congress and the liberal media have been using to perpetuate the gross spending and taxing of Americans into oblivion and destruction. It seems OK for Obama to demean Cantor and walk out on efforts to solve the problems of budget. But for a senior representative in Congress to “sneer” appears to be a crime.

There is sufficient money in the treasury to handle our interest payments and to fund Social Security as well as Medicare.

If the treasury does not write the Social Security checks that retired people depend on, the responsibility falls directly on President Obama and not on any facial expression.

Gary S. Smith