Talking Points: To vote, or not to vote



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Hopefully there will be enough players to have an NFL season. Right now, they look like they are holding their breath because they got punk’d by the NFL owners.

We have no idea who the winner is in the proposed collective bargaining agreement. But we do know that in the court of public opinion, the owners got a huge lift Thursday when they voted to accept the deal.

The players, if you recall, were reportedly going to vote first, on Wednesday. The owners had said for about a week that they would vote on Thursday.

So when the players failed to vote on Wednesday, they must have assumed the owners would wait.

Sorry. Didn’t happen. The owners voted.

Now, if there is no football, or if the regular season is delayed, the fans will blame the players.

Well played, owners.

Now, players, just exhale, vote, and go play football.


The prevailing wisdom in the Tiger Woods/caddie Steve Williams break-up story is that Williams was loyal to Tiger and Tiger just fired him anyway.

Many columnists have claimed that Williams was loyal for not “ratting out” Tiger after it became clear that Tiger was not a real good husband.

Whatever you think happened with Woods and Williams, please do not think that Williams was “loyal” to Tiger in the whole scandal. Williams is also married, to someone who is good friends with Tiger’s now ex-wife.

Williams wasn’t being loyal by saying he knew nothing about Tiger’s extra-marital activities. He was being smart. If he said he had known all along, he might be single now, too, with half of his money gone.