Letter: Democrats routinely mislead public



It’s a shame an organization that prides itself on being an advocate for seniors is instead taking advantage of their vulnerability by participating in fear mongering. I’m referring to AARP, which recently held seven regional community meetings to discuss the national debt, Social Security and Medicare.

The Democrats routinely use the strategy of scaring the elderly and the president fueled the fire by stating that he could not guarantee Social Security payments should the debt limit not be increased. Their instinctive solution is to increase taxes on the rich and large corporations. This class warfare is not attractive and should not be part of our American culture.

What really bothers me is the fact that seniors are being hurt by not being told the truth that Social Security as it is now is simply not sustainable.

Commissions have been appointed by several presidents to study these programs and have consistently reported that significant changes must be made. The longer this issue is used for political advantage, the greater impact it is going to have on all citizens. It’s time for honesty and it’s too bad AARP did not use this opportunity to lead the way.

Lynn Costello