Talking Points: Streaking to new lows



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Al Yellon, baseball editor of, has put into perspective the Mariners’ current losing streak.

“A streak of 18, 19 or 20 games would put this year’s Mariners in historic company,” he writes. “And many of those teams recovered to be contenders within a few seasons. Sometimes you really have to hit absolute bottom before you can reach for the top.”

OK, but he has some ugly examples of what fans had to endure.

Like the 1961 Phillies who lost 23 straight at one point and finished 47-107. Or the 1969 expansion Expos who lost 20 straight. Or even the 1975 Tigers with 19 straight losses. Or even better … the Orioles starting the 1988 season with 21 straight defeats.

So fear not, Mariners faithful.

They’ve got to win again at some point. Right?


The NFL lockout must nearly be over because two dreaded words surfaced on Sunday: BRETT FAVRE.

We kid you not.

Apparently the rumor mill was going strong in Philadelphia where a television station reported the possibility of the Eagles signing the “retired” quarterback to back up Michael Vick.

To all this we’d like to say two words: PLEASE, NO.


North Dakota can’t let go of the nickname Fighting Sioux.

Political leaders in the state are asking the NCAA to back off and let the state’s flagship university keep its Fighting Sioux name and logo, even at the risk of potential blacklisting and scorn by other universities and its own conference.

UND agreed in 2009 to phase out the name and logo by this Aug. 15. But if it remains, its membership in 2012 to the Big Sky Conference could become a muddled mess.