Weather Eye: Thunderstorms gave area a wake-up call



Gee whiz, the weather was so nice over the weekend, I thought I was on vacation or something. Almost forgot what summer felt like! But alas, Monday was back to reality with clouds, drizzle and scattered afternoon showers.

The early-morning rumblings woke up a few, but not me — thanks to ear plugs. Scattered thunderstorms were embedded in a southerly flow aloft and there were actually some lightning strikes around the metro area. One such strike split a 90-foot cedar tree in North Portland and there were some power outages. I heard several reports from the media that some people actually called authorities about the “explosions.” Just a normal summertime wake-up call.

We still haven’t made it to the 90-degree mark (thank goodness) and it doesn’t appear we will the remainder of the month. So, a July without 90 degrees.

OK, trying to discuss some noteworthy weather tidbits from an otherwise mundane summer in our neck of the woods. To clarify to some that have emailed me, I certainly am not complaining about the summer weather as far as temperatures go. You know I like it under 80 degrees, so no real problem there. I don’t even mind a few good rainstorms. I just wish we had more days with some clear blue skies is all. I mean, as in all-day clear skies.

After all, we have plenty of totally cloudy days — some 220 or so in an average year. Totally clear days — we average about 68 — so they are a rather precious commodity. In June and July we have had only about 18 or so clear days.

Rain-wise, Vancouver is running above average for the month and in regards to the average mean temperature it is just about average for July. Of course that is due to many cloudy nights. Nearly half the month has had below-average high temperatures.

Enjoy your week and I will see you on Thursday!

Pat Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at