Vital statistics




Peacehealth Southwest Medical Center

Lauren M. and Samuel K. Gallas, Washougal, a boy, Wesley D., July 10, 8 pounds, 4 ounces.

Sarah E. and Dustin W. Langer, Washougal, a boy, Owen W., July 15, 8 pounds, 8 ounces.

Angela L. and Shane K. Massie, Battle Ground, a boy, Jackson K., June 24, 8 pounds, 13 ounces.

Carrie M. and Scott M. Thompson, Washougal, a boy, Kyler Alan, July 20, 7 pounds, 6 ounces.

Marriage dissolutions


Ferguson, Valerie J. and Shawn W.

Fong, Christina and Alex. Woman’s name changed to Angel.

Frischmeyer, Linda Elizabeth, and Mandelson, Robert Sachs.

Goon, Edward A. and Marybeth S.

Greenen, Denis Wayne and Julie Ann. Woman’s name changed to von Holt.

Gsari, Heather Kay and Haikel.

Heint, Martin R., and Moureau, Alyssa M.

Ivey, Michelle and Troy.

Morgan, Juston Geore and Jamie Denise.

Parker, Cecilia Catalina and Michael James.

Perkins, James and Cassandra.

Persin, Scott Joseph and Melissa Lonelle.

Rauen, Melinda R. and Peter M. Woman’s name changed to Warren.

Sanchez, Steven G. and Patricia L. Woman’s name changed to Wall.

Seymour, Janet Kathleen and Steve. Woman’s name changed to van Dyne.

Vega, Valerie Theresa and Jason Ramon.

Zimmerly-Sullivan, Judith Ann, and Sullivan, Kenneth Leon. Woman’s name changed to Zimmerly.


Sawyer, Kathleen and Stephen.


Athay, Mary Alysha and David Alexander.

Bennier, Christopher and Ravit.

Caluya, Minerva Lazo and Lodovico M.

Castillo, Jenny Marie, and Donovan Joseph.

Currier, Jeanne E. and Craig A.

Davidenko, Lyubov, and Sashchenko, Vadim.

Ellis, Judy K. and Scott Lee.

Gillihan, Elizabeth Ann and Aaron Patrick.

Henderson-Pitts, Suzette, and Pitts, Paul Ricardo.

Hibner, Juli, and Marinez, Nathan.

Hvelle, Rachael and Steven W.

Marriage licenses


Basham, Andrew John, 31, Camas, and Mizar, Sarah Lynn, 22, Camas.

Blick, Edward Arthur, 29, Vancouver, and Ross, Michelle Marie, 39, Vancouver.

Boydston, Matthew Darrell, 46, Vancouver, and Schinzing, Lynn Marie, 48, Vancouver.

Britt, Arlen David, 25, Vancouver, and Pfendler, Kristen Nichole, 25, Vancouver.

Budnick, Jeffery Augustine, 28, Vancouver, and Graue, Kelly Nicole, 26, Vancouver.

Craig, Sean Lee, 43, Vancouver, and Englett, Sheila Marie, 42, Battle Ground.

Davis, Christopher James, 49, Camas, and Erickson, Shelly Marie, 46, Camas.

Goff, Dean Dewey Jr., 48, Vancouver, and Hunter, Kimberly Ann, 44, Vancouver.

Homola, Derek Ross, 21, Yacolt, and Lindberg, Leann Rose, 18, Yacolt.

Horne, Michael Wesley, 29, Woodland, and Marugg, Crystal Michelle, 26, Woodland.

Knight, Stuart Lee, 26, Vancouver, and Craig, Mary Margaret, 22, Vancouver.

Little, Deloy Wayne Jr., 54, Battle Ground, and Aulis, Karen Lynne, 51, Battle Ground.

Mayfield, Neil Allyn, 22, Oregon City, Ore., and Harman, Ashley Hope, 22, Vancouver.

McElhaney, Jayson William, 21, Oxnard, Calif., and Sams, Tayla Louise, 20, Oxnard, Calif.

Miller, James Edward Jr., 40, Vancouver, and Rust, Wendy Inez, 23, Vancouver.

Morehead, David Edwin, 36, Elmendorf AFB, Alaska, and Oglesby, Brittany Renee, 28, Elmendorf AFB, Alaska.

Northrop, Patrick Brian, 44, Vancouver, and Fox, Tracy Lynn, 40, Vancouver.

O’Rear, Christopher Michael, 38, Vancouver, and Taylor, Becca Michelle, 35, Vancouver.

Rando, Jared Tony, 30, Ainslie, Australia, and Ward, Shawna Rey, 37, Ainslie, Australia.

Roberts, McLean Eugene, 24, Gresham, Ore., and McBane, Catherine Elizabeth, 25, Gresham, Ore.

Samms, Thomas Gerald, 41, Redmond, Ore., and Hamilton, Amanda Lee, 28, Redmond, Ore.

Shives, Samuel Rodney, 31, Ariel, and Delaney, Katherine Lee, 23, Ariel.

Stivers, Scott Albert, 25, Vancouver, and Hall, Jordan Michelle, 25, Vancouver.

Viestenz, Kyle James, 27, Tigard, Ore., and Savenkova, Olesya Dmitriyevna, 23, Tigard, Ore.


Anderson, Scott Allan, 47, Battle Ground, and Melton, Kristi Renee, 35, Battle Ground.

Birdwell, Patrick Shannon, 41, Roundup, Mont., and McClure, Janice Lynn, 39, Vancouver.

Bose, Richard Martin, 46, Forest Grove, Ore., and Stuck, Emily Marie, 32, Forest Grove, Ore.

Bosley, Byron Bernard, 25, Wood Village, Ore., and Morford, Melissa Vena, 28, Vancouver.

Dull, Justin Daniel, 27, Battle Ground, and Brown, Anna Christine, 21, Battle Ground.

Larson, John Leonard, 26, Ethel, and Williams, Cassandra Barbra, 21, Camas.

Mangum, Ryan William, 21, Battle Ground, and Gubbe, Marisa Ann, 21, Olympia.

McMahan, John Randall, 47, Keizer, Ore., and Darschewski, Debra Anne, 42, Keizer, Ore.

Meyer, Dustin Edward, 23, Vancouver, and Veselkov, Yulya, 23, Vancouver.

Olson, Ian Scott, 22, Vancouver, and Pham, Mai-Khoi Thuy, 23, Vancouver.

Panasevich, Dmitriy Oleg, 23, Vancouver, and Duong, Jennifer Thao, 23, Vancouver.

Roberts, Kevin Allen, 55, Vancouver, and Miller, Lauri Ann, 49, Vancouver.

Roberts, Thomas Glenn, 30, Washougal, and Bolton, Kaetlyn Elizabeth, 28, Portland.

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