Letter: Cyclists have no claim to harassment



Has the world gone mad? I just read that Los Angeles has passed an anti-harassment law for cyclists, and Portland is thinking about enacting a similar law.

Haven’t we done enough bending over backward for those people? We reduce two-lane auto traffic lane to one so we can give them a bike lane. We spend taxpayer money painting bike lanes and they don’t use them.

Any Saturday morning, take a drive down East 10th or East McGillivray. You will find the cyclists riding two, three sometime five abreast and maybe two of them will be in the bike lane. Most never stop at a stop sign and may occasionally stop at a stop light if the traffic is heavy or the law is around.

They talk about harassment. What about the harassment they give the driving public with their middle-finger salute and their “get out of my way, I’m comin’ through and don’t get in my way” attitude.

They are supposed to follow the same rules of the road as motorists, but you can forget that.

I do hope someone in their right mind will come up with a decent definition of “harassment.”

Fred McNeeley