Letter: Privatize state liquor sales



The privatization of liquor in the state of Washington seems to have many small-business owners up in arms. As a former restaurant-business owner-turned-victim of the current economic downturn, I believe we must privatize the sale of liquor so that we may open up the market for small-business owners to embrace the many rewards of liquor privatization.

In the July 16 story “2 sides set up cases on liquor” by Justin Runquist, a local store owner is distressed over the prospect of selling spirits in his small store and would not want to face the undertaking of space constraints as well as competing with larger stores.

However, the new initiative states that it is not required but optional for these small, rural stores to sell liquor. As stated in the new sections of Initiative 1183, advantages are created for small-business owners to stimulate their businesses by embracing a share of the latest liquor initiative while working with the government in providing extra income for our state.

Therefore, it is crucial that small-business owners who wish to thrive in this economic downturn be open to make their businesses as multi-faceted as possible.

Cinamon Miller

Battle Ground