Letter: Plenty of noise in north county



In response to Cindy Reno’s July 14 letter, “Traditions are affected,” she would change her mind about banning fireworks if she lived in north Clark County, south of the Lewis River. We have fireworks one month prior to the 4th of July and three weeks after the holiday.

This past weekend, a neighbor set off fireworks for four hours.

It is either fireworks or neighbors using guns and assault rifles, which last for hours.

We have called the police about the shooting, but we don’t live in the city limits, so they wouldn’t help us.

A few years ago, we visited the Canadian and American cemeteries in Normandy. All the young men and women lost their lives on the first day of battle, some only 17 years old. It was heart-wrenching.

We should honor those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom by going to a cemetery and placing flags on the graves. That would be more patriotic than shooting fireworks for endless days.

One letter to the editor suggested we ban fireworks that make noise. What a great idea; everyone would be happy.

Lee Hutton-Welch