Talking Points: Ochocinco’s new home



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


We know about Chad Ochocinco’s celebratory antics, his news network, his perpetual self-promotion — but despite the histrionics he differs from the Terrell Owens’ of the world because he is NOT a destructive locker-room personality.

Ochocinco may run his mouth every now and then, but he’ll take a win over an endorsement deal. He just understands they are not mutually exclusive.

This is why him playing with the Patriots will benefit both him and his new team. We saw what happened the first year Randy Moss got there — he went on a TD record-setting binge as he realized he couldn’t possibly be bigger than his 3-time championship-winning franchise. Ochocinco will realize that as well, and we could see some exciting, victorious football.


Whether you have a corner office, or empty the trash cans of a corner office, just about all of us have dreamed of walking out on our jobs with a ferocious “I quit!”

It’s only when we think about the financial repercussions do we realize that maybe having to skip a bowling night to work overtime isn’t the end of the world.

Talking Points suggests that the same may ring true with NBA players contemplating going overseas. It’s tempting to stick it to the league and show the owners how little you need them by hopping on a plane to Europe.

But when players such as Kobe Bryant — who is scheduled to meet with a Turkish team Saturday — have $30 million to gain next year, he can’t possibly risk injury while playing in a subpar league.

It would be interesting to see these superstars suit up in a whole new environment, and it would likely expedite the lockout. But once these players really contemplate what they might be giving up, the “I quit” moment just doesn’t seem feasible.