Letter: Compromise needed in Congress



Apparently, some members of Congress have fallen down the rabbit hole and now reside in Wonderland. In their delusional state, they seem incapable of doing simple math. Spending cuts alone will not balance the federal budget without eviscerating government. Over 40 percent of the budget is funded with borrowed money. Polls indicate a substantial majority of Americans oppose the drastic cuts in services that slashing 40 percent of the budget would require. The obvious path to a balanced budget is a combination of spending cuts and revenue increases.

New York’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has proposed a common-sense three-step procedure for developing a balanced budget. First, determine what services are essential. Second, calculate the costs. Third, find sources of revenue to cover the costs. Admittedly, agreeing on essential services, spending cuts, and revenue requires compromise. Finding middle ground and doing what’s right strengthens a democracy. Crippling our government with foolish one-sided schemes is a venture into lunacy. Recent events show we need a strong and flexible government to deal with disasters and emergencies. It’s time for the disgusting and nauseatingly childishly political gamesmanship to stop. Congress, do what’s right.

Jon Clyde