Letter: Reconsider where money is spent



I read the July 10 story “Lifeline Connections limits its state work” and how the state will cut the treatment center’s number of beds from 55 to 25. This will be a great loss, not only to the men and women who need these beds, but to the community itself. With the state funding cuts, these people will have nowhere to go, and what will happen with their families?

Drugs and alcohol almost took my life a few years ago. If it wasn’t for the care I received at Lifeline Connections, I can honestly say that I don’t know if I would be here today. The care I received helped me to get out of the life I was living and into clean and sober housing afterwards. These people are dedicated to helping others whose life has, for one reason or another, been lost to drug and alcohol abuse.

When the state cuts funding like this, it affects the whole community. Consider the cost to hospitalize a patient due to alcohol-related accidents, or the cost of child care and foster and adoption agencies due to parents being unable to care for their children. The state needs to look elsewhere to cut costs and leave the money where it is needed most.

Marcy Sims