Weather Eye: Wrapping up a fine July, especially if you like June weather



It appears that July in Vancouver will end up just about normal for the average mean temperature and a little wetter than average. We managed to make it through the entire month without one 90-degree day, which is amazing. We did enjoy nine days with 80 degrees or better, three days in the cool 60s and the remaining 18 days in the 70s. Today, the final day of the month, should see highs in the 70s.

A trough of low pressure swings by to our north today, bringing a risk of showers or drizzle mainly north of Clark County. We will have some marine air over us cooling things down and continuing our pattern with low cloudiness. In fact, I was thinking the other day that this month was more reminiscent of June than of July. Lots of marine clouds, drizzle and showers.

So maybe the month of August will be more like a normal July! Wouldn’t that be a kick. Then September like August and so on until we all know the rains will be back in earnest. June is usually a very cloudy month, even more cloudy than May. July and August usually have only brief intrusions of marine air, so we shall see. Stay tuned as always.

I asked a few readers how their summers were going, hoping not to get any nasty remarks about the weather.

• Lisa Weber of Vancouver: “I actually have A TAN! It may just be my arms and the upper part of my chest, but IT’S THERE! YAAAAYYYY!”

• Dan Hein of Camas: “Just FANTASTIC!!! Perfect weather as well here in the Great Northwest, now that summer has arrived.”

• Murphy Dennis of N.E. Clark County: “My tomatoes & squash don’t like this weather, but I do.”

• Denise Calhoun of Vancouver: “Nice. I am not a hot weather person, mid-80s is just right. I can go the rest of the summer without the 90-plus heat.”

• And Debbie Derrick of Vancouver adds: “Loving it, it’s just right, thank you Mr. Weatherman.”

I am loving it as well — when the sun shines I get all kinds of smiles and compliments.

Oh, the weather for this coming week? More of the same with varying amounts of morning clouds and highs generally 75-80. The likelihood we’ll see any moisture is small, but seems like this summer, we always have to throw in a chance, eh?

Enjoy your week, everyone!

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at