Letter: Vote the truth, not the party



I am an independent voter and a senior who vacillates between the two parties. I cannot believe people are really that naive to believe Republicans want to end Medicare. Most of U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan’s, R-Wis., Medicare proposal makes sense. Medicare, as we know it has to be changed; we can no longer afford it. I haven’t seen any good proposal from the Democrats, just scare tactics, which they are notorious for.

I became tired of listening to MSNBC blasting President Bush, so I switched to Fox News. Yep, there are right-leaning folks on some Fox News programs, but both sides’ comments are addressed. I hear more news on Fox than all mainstream news channels put together. People who maintain that Fox News is not news and is biased are wrong.

Everyone should do their own research on the Internet. Be knowledgeable about news agencies leaning to the left and the right. Get both sides of the argument. Make up your own mind. You do a disservice to yourself by just focusing on mainstream TV and not getting accurate information. Vote the truth, before you vote the party.

Catherine Madsen