Letter: Students getting leftist propaganda



At the invitation of a family member, I attended the recent commencement ceremonies at the Washington State University Vancouver campus, naively expecting congratulations to the graduates to be the focus of any commencement address.

Instead, I, and the majority of conservative-leaning citizens who pay for all of the public institutions of learning in this state with our taxes, were presented with the promotion of a litany of leftist causes (including but not limited to radical environmentalism, American evil, the need for bigger government, the moral superiority of working for government, class warfare, and on and on), and unveiled attacks against the values and beliefs the majority of Americans hold dear. We were called liars, ignorant, unwilling to deal in facts, and selfish. Simply stated, we are, according to those in charge of our youth, the enemy that must be defeated.

We conservatives would love to have an honest debate with these so-called educators, but sadly, what our youth are getting currently is nothing less than leftist propaganda.

Ricky Lee Jackson

Battle Ground