Letter: Quick fixes only hold ’til next election



U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler’s May 30 letter, “Work to change course has just begun,” closes with the statement, “With your continued involvement I believe we can change course.” It struck me how so many politicians, of any party, will use the phrase “change course” indicating there is only one way to a destination and taking the “other” course won’t get us there.

Instead of the confrontational “who’s in power” battle mode these representatives settle into, they have to stop making their purpose in office the retention of the office. They need make the smartest choices available for the greater long-term good and for the greater populace. If the party line squabbles continue, how will the needed solutions ever be reached.

There is a way, both morally and fiscally tenable, and we must find and follow it. We, in doing our own civic duty and acting as informed involved citizens, need to throw off our childish need for immediate gratification and quick fixes and not cast votes with that expectation. No policy exists from any office seeker/holder that is going to solve in two to four years what was poorly handled for decades prior. Changing approaches and ideologies every few years is certain doom for this nation.

Frank Sawicki

La Center