Letter: It’s time for Vancouver to wake up



Interstate 5 cuts through the heart of Vancouver, a town that is divided both by history and by the character of its residents.

To this outsider who came here four years ago, I still haven’t figured out what makes this place tick.

The people seem to go about their business like their very survival depends on it. Feeding the family and paying bills is an everyday ordeal in these hard times.

Most do it by hard work, but many more depend on welfare handouts not earned.

So how does this town tie things together? I don’t really know? If there is a game plan, I don’t see any. Vancouver for many years was a gas stop for motorists going home someplace else. Now that I live here, I still can’t find the city limits.

What this man of 70 years would like to see is more community action. More recognition of the ethnic, diverse population that calls this town home.

Finally, give us local leaders who will stand up for the rights and needs of all people.

Let’s finally build a new Interstate 5 Bridge; let’s build a casino; let’s build a regional rail and shipping hub; and while we’re at it, let’s put 10,000 people back to work in new jobs.

It’s time this town takes back its rightful place in Washington and the country. Wake up, Vancouver.

Rolf Knapp