Letter: Pet ownership requires responsibility



It’s my opinion that responsible pet owners will spay, neuter and license their pets.

When you can no longer care for your pet, please don’t dump them on the taxpayer but have them put down.

I am so tired of seeing advertisements from the Humane Society for older pets that are looking for homes. Who wants an older, health-compromised and tired pet?

So often I see pets that have reached beyond maturity and have health issues or need special care whose owners, for whatever reasons, have put them up for adoption.

This is just a way to evade the tough responsibility for putting them down.

If the pet is truly loved, the owner would not dump the pet on society but would have the pet put to sleep humanely.

Sure, it might cost the pet owner, but that’s the cost of being a responsible pet owner.

Don’t pretend that you’re doing the pet a favor. Mature pets have feelings for the family that raised them and cannot always adjust to a new establishment.

You’re not doing either a favor by handing your responsibility off to the public. These animals deserve a better deal.

Mary A. Gunther