Letter: Laird’s column was off base



Reading John Laird’s May 29 column, “All together now: ‘Thanks, Florida!’” it’s amazing that a newspaper columnist takes such an irresponsible viewpoint of the financial crisis and cheers that an administrator or politician allocates funds for local easily delayable causes.

The funds were allocated for high-speed rail and responsible state governments have looked into the future, seen large red numbers that could burden their citizens and wisely rejected the strings-attached money.

A child accepts the candy now and has no vision of the future. We are candy takers who obligate citizens of later years to find additional local money to pay for the added services from federal funds that only last for one or two years.

The media do not educate the public of the economic problems that exist. We have a major problem and media should provide information to the public on problems even though they may consider rescuing a cat out of a tree will sell more papers.

I do not agree with the premise that “since it’s partly our money, shouldn’t we want more of it coming back to our state.”

Let us pay the bills first. We all need to provide for the country and not grab for all we can get.

George Birnbaumer

Battle Ground