Wylie will try to retain state House seat

First day of filing week for elected office draws 48 local candidates



Filing week opened Monday with 48 candidates signing up to run for elected office.

Candidates can file at the Clark County Elections Department, 1408 Franklin St., or online at http://clarkvotes.org.

The deadline for online registration is 4 p.m. Friday, and 5 p.m. Friday for in-person filing.

The primary election is Aug. 16; the general election is Nov. 8.

Here’s a list of candidates who filed as of 5 p.m. Monday.

With the exception of one state legislative position, all offices are nonpartisan.

To keep tabs on the latest filings, go to http://clarkvotes.org and click on “Candidates who have filed.”

• 49th District State Representative, Position 1: Sharon Wylie, D-Vancouver.

• Battle Ground City Council, Pos. 2: Phil Haberthur.

• Battle Ground City Council, Pos. 3: Adrian Cortes.

• Battle Ground City Council, Pos. 7: Chris Regan.

• Camas Mayor: Scott Higgins.

• Camas City Council, Ward 2, Pos. 1: Linda Dietzman.

• Camas City Council, at-large position: Don Chaney.

• Vancouver City Council, Pos. 4: Bart Hansen.

• Vancouver City Council, Pos. 5: Cory Barnes, Larry Smith.

• Vancouver City Council, Pos. 6: Anne McEnerny-Ogle, Bill Turlay, Pat Campbell.

• Washougal City Council, Pos. 2: Rod Morris, Mike Moreau, George Kolin.

• Washougal City Council, Pos. 5: Jennifer McDaniel, Mark Rohr.

• Washougal City Council, Pos. 7: Molly Coston.

• Woodland Mayor (Clark and Cowlitz counties): Janna Lovejoy, Grover Laseke, Marilee McCall.

• Clark Regional Wastewater District Commissioner, Pos. 3: Denny Kiggins.

• Clark County Fire District No. 6 Commissioner, Pos. 1: Brad Lothspeich.

• Clark County Fire District No. 13 Commissioner, Pos. 3: Louis A. Ferreira.

• Clark County Fire & Rescue Commissioner, Pos. 4: Jon Babcock.

• East County Fire & Rescue Commissioner, Pos. 1: Gary Larson.

• East County Fire & Rescue Commissioner, Pos. 4: John E. Clancy.

• East County Fire & Rescue Commissioner, Pos. 5: George (Jack) Hoober.

• Battle Ground Public Schools, Pos. 2: Ken Root.

• Battle Ground Public Schools, Pos. 4: Mavis Nickels.

• Camas School District, Pos. 3: Connie Hennessey.

• Camas School District, Pos. 4: Doug Quinn.

• Camas School District, Pos. 5: Mary Tipton.

• Evergreen Public Schools, Pos. 2: Michael Reid, Joan Skelton.

• Evergreen Public Schools, Pos. 3: Victoria Bradford.

• Evergreen Public Schools, Pos. 4: Todd Yuzuriha.

• Green Mountain School District, Pos. 1: Rick Syring.

• Ridgefield School District, Pos. 5: Scott Gullickson.

• Vancouver Public Schools, Pos. 4: Edri Geiger.

• Vancouver Public Schools, Pos. 5: Mari Greves.

• Woodland School District (Clark and Cowlitz counties), Pos. 1: Jimmy L. Bays.

• Port of Camas-Washougal Commissioner, Pos. 2: Neil T. Cahoon, Bill Ward.

• Port of Ridgefield Commissioner, Pos. 1: Bruce Wiseman.

• Woodland Pool and Recreation District (Clark and Cowltiz counties), Pos. 2: Sharyn Crosby.

• Woodland Pool and Recreation District, Pos. 4: Bruce Hulett.