Weather Eye: Clouds, cooler temperatures: June gets back to normal



Now I am not complaining but just saying. Those of you that know me well through this column know I do not like high temperatures above 80 degrees or warm and muggy days with high humidity. And we had both of those in the past three days.

Well, I must admit, I enjoyed every hour of it especially after endless months of clouds, rain and chilly days. And when it gets the best of me I still won’t complain. I appreciate the air conditioning in my car and my home so I have a place to hide out.

Did you see the brilliant lightning display Sunday evening? Although most of Clark County except the southeast portion escaped thunderstorm activity there were some very impressive storms that moved through Oregon, mainly south of Portland. Heavy rains and gusty winds accompanied these storms and the resulting clouds and upper-level moisture added to the muggy feeling overnight Sunday.

Easterly winds were quite brisk Saturday, particularly in east county, with winds topping 30 mph. Over here on the west side we had some early but they relaxed and switched to the northwest. But not before recording a high Saturday of 88 degrees at my home in Salmon Creek. Officially in Vancouver we had 88 degrees for a high temperature on Saturday as well. Summer in full-blast mode!

As mentioned here Sunday we go back to the reality of June with lots of morning clouds and some sunny periods after we get through today and Wednesday with a small risk of showers or drizzle. Highs will be comfortable, close to normal.

The Rose Festival Parade on Saturday looks very pleasant with little chance of rain. Looking ahead we may have turned the corner and left La Niña in the rear-view mirror. It is looking more like a typical June, July and August shaping up. Let’s hope so as I am so much looking forward to those homegrown tomatoes! The red version if you know what I mean.

Enjoy your week.

Pat Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at