Letter: Local needs, local funding



Regarding John Laird’s May 29 column, “All together now: ‘Thanks, Florida!’” I have a different opinion. I think those who turned down federal money for their states deserve a medal and certainly re-election.

For those who haven’t been paying attention, our federal government is $14 trillion in debt and currently borrowing about 40 percent of the money it spends. We are rushing toward possible debt defaults that could end the USA we have known and loved.

Business as usual cannot continue.

The feds must get out of so many local matters, and local transportation is a good place to start. Surely, they must have their hands full taking care of the interstate highways and bridges, airports, Amtrak. Part of our problem is our representatives’ taking turns supporting each other’s sweetheart projects.

Why should those in Montana pay part of the millions of dollars for light rail from Gateway to Clackamas Town Center? Why should we in Clark County pay for part of the Los Angeles to Long Beach, Calif., light rail? If these local projects are so needed, the locals should finance them.

Federal money does not come from the moon.

Roy Morgan