Letter: Put down your Chihuahua and drive



In the June 2 story “City may debate ban on pit bulls: Boy, 9, was attacked by 3 dogs last week,” I read the funniest quote I have ever read in this paper. Actually, it made my evening.

The Humane Society for Southwest Washington executive director Chuck Tourtillott said “That situation could have happened with a German shepherd or a Chihuahua.” Really, Chuck? Three Chihuahuas chasing a fourth-grader across the road, knocking him to the ground, and mauling him?

Chihuahua owners should be upset, since their animals could now be considered a “bully breed” and could possibly be banned from city limits, which would be a benefit to everyone anyway, because I wouldn’t see them riding in the laps of people driving their cars.

Forget my cellphone … put your Chihuahua down.

Mike Afflerbaugh