Survivor of fatal Seattle stabbing, testifies



SEATTLE (AP) — A woman who survived a horrific rape and stabbing that left her partner dead in front of their Seattle home is testifying against the man accused in the attack.

Isaiah Kalebu is charged with aggravated murder, attempted murder, rape and burglary in the random 2009 attack. Prosecutors say he entered the home through an open window in the middle of the night and spent the next two hours raping and cutting the women.

The attack finally ended when Teresa Butz kicked the suspect off a bed, broke a window and tried to escape out it. She had been stabbed in the heart and died in the street as neighbors tried to help.

Kalebu has been barred from attending the trial because of prior in-court outbursts.

The Associated Press is not identifying Butz’s partner, who took the stand Wednesday afternoon, because she was a victim of sexual assault.