Weather Eye: Chances appear slim that it will rain on parade in Portland



Has this week felt more like the June we all know weather-wise? I think so. I mentioned here last month while looking ahead toward June that it is usually a cloudy month as we transition from spring into summer.

Basically, we have a dominant pattern of onshore marine air, which brings us the morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. And sometimes they linger all day, like they did Wednesday.

The big event is on tap for Saturday in the Rose City, the Grand Floral Parade, and the weather looks like it will behave itself. That translates into more of those low clouds, and maybe some morning mist or drizzle and afternoon sun breaks. So, don a sweatshirt if going to the parade and you should be fine.

Historically, you can look back and see how things took shape with the weather. Last year, it was partly cloudy and 61 degrees at parade time, which actually is great for those that have to march several miles while entertaining the crowd along the way. Spectators can always bundle up accordingly.

Although the date changes every year, it has rained on the parade only 13 times in the past 55 years. Blue skies are rather elusive, with only 10 sunny days. The majority are cloudy.

The National Weather Service in Portland is now on Facebook, following the lead of the Seattle office. Just search National Weather Service Portland on Facebook and select “Like” and you will get loads of good weather news.

Rainfall data on way

OK, so what else is new? I am compiling last month’s rainfall from your friends and neighbors and will report that very soon. My nasturtiums are growing nicely, but are getting very tall and leggy. I think they are reaching upward, trying to find some sun. Maybe sunflowers? Their flowers always signal the arrival of summer, so I will let you know when this mystical plant gives me the signal.

Enjoy your weekend; summer is on its way.

Pat Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at