Letter: Juvenile offenders find creative outlet



Recently I have had the opportunity to volunteer my time working with incarcerated youth through “The Beat Within.” This program encourages juveniles to express themselves through poetry, writing, and artwork. The Beat Within compiles submissions into a magazine for other juveniles and the public to read. It’s important to remember these are just kids even though they may display a tough persona. To have a positive influence in their lives, these juveniles need to be heard and encouraged.

Each week, the juveniles are given topics to inspire their creativity and help them work through the rough patches in their lives. I have seen the positive benefits of the program firsthand as they work through problems and examine circumstances in their lives that brought them into contact with the law in the first place. To learn more about this program, visit http://www.thebeatwithin.org and read the great submissions these juveniles have made.

Shawna Hicks