Dining Out: Yo 2 Go’s variety of toppings tough to top



Why: Frozen yogurt, a delicious, healthful and refreshing alternative to ice cream, is popular again, leading to a welcome proliferation of options.

For Salmon Creek residents, this might mean a summer full of trips to Yo 2 Go, which just opened up in their neighborhood. Owner Vora Dollar, like much of the competition, serves only YoCream brand yogurt. Her main ingredient may be familiar, but the toppings and environment give Yo 2 Go a competitive edge. Dollar has given Yo 2 Go décor an upscale look and she provides more than the typical sprinkle-on fixings.

Atmosphere: The countertop where yogurt is measured and paid for is made of thick slabs of glass, which disperse a glow of color from the track lights at the counter’s borders. One inch tiles create an impressive wall where the yogurt is dispensed. Hip, white Ikea lights hang down from a black ceiling. Simple seating is arranged atop a glazed concrete floor. Overall, the uncluttered space is very attractive and inviting.

What I tried: I was happy to discover my favorite, New York Cheesecake, among the 12 available flavors. To this, I added Red Velvet — a new one for me.

The toppings were extensive, fresh and tidy. I’m a purist when it comes to frozen yogurt, however, so I just added a lady finger cookie. The Red Velvet imparted a mild chocolate flavor, which paired perfectly with the classic richness of the New York Cheesecake.

My dining companion mixed five different flavors and loaded them with more than five toppings. He said every bite was a new flavor and he enjoyed the adventure.

Though our individual flavor experiences were quite different from each other, the yogurt did not disappoint.

Menu highlights beyond what I tried: Three of the 12 flavors offered are always Tart, Strawberry and Chocolate. Dollar says she plans to feature new flavors when they come out.

Toppings include fresh fruit, nuts, candy, cookies and syrups such as marshmallow puff, fruit syrups and hot fudge. If you are a bubble tea drinker, you will be happy to discover jelly is included in the topping choices.

In addition to hard paper bowls for dispensing yogurt into, waffle bowls are available for an additional 50 cents.

Cost: Yogurt and toppings are 40 cents per ounce.

Hours: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Sunday.

Telephone: 360-258-1455.

Where: 13307 N.E. Highway 99, Suite 105, Vancouver.

Health score: Yo 2 Go has received a pre-opening inspection and is due for a routine health inspection sometime in the near future. For information from Clark County Public Health, call 360-397-8428.