Letter: Pet owners, be responsible



Have you felt a dog’s love as it jumps to greet you, or a cat purring around your feet? Unfortunately, there are many unloved animals in thousands of shelters throughout the U.S. Those animals that don’t find a home are put to sleep or euthanized. I am a sixth-grade student and I believe animals shouldn’t be euthanized — we have to stop killing them. There are animals that help us, such as service dogs for the deaf or blind people or health-impaired. They can watch over a kid or warn you when you are in danger. If you are by yourself, an animal can keep you company.

People have to be responsible pet owners. They have to train animals better to stay home. Also, keep pet licenses current. The money from licensing funds the shelters and helps to find pets homes. In addition to a tag identification, consider getting your pet tattooed or microchipped.

Animals are sad if we don’t pay attention to them. Most animals like to play if they’re happy.

If you want to have a pet, think about training it well and being responsible for your pet and you can stop pets from being euthanized.

Diana Meza

Battle Ground