Letter: Allegiance undeserved



The D-Day anniversary seemed a particularly appropriate date to acknowledge Wilbur Wood’s June 3 letter, “Lest we forget,” regarding the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty during the 1967 Israeli-Arab War.

I had never heard of this incident; and, as an American Jew, felt compelled to research it.

What I found at http://usslibertyveterans.org truly dismayed me. I realize much Internet content is questionable, but the evidence portrayed there seems to pass the sniff test.

Supposedly, according to some reports, Israel premeditatedly destroyed an American ship for the purpose of blaming it on Egypt and drawing America into the war.

I’ve long dismissed Israel as just another Middle Eastern theocracy, capable of committing any atrocity under the imagined aegis of an approving “god.” I’ve thought this ever since I read that under the religious authority for Jewish marriages in Israel, there are no provisions for a marriage between Jews and non-Jews. Now, my opinion is cemented.

We need to yank every American from that corner of the globe and build a huge wall around it. Use the money we save on wars and foreign aid to find new energy sources and protect current ones. Everyone will be better off.

Ellen Putman