Letter: Consider effects of vaccines



Do you know what’s in some flu vaccines? A mercury-based preservative called Thimerosal. Mercury is dangerous because when it gets in your body it hardens, and your body cannot get rid of it. Vaccines should not be allowed for people of any age.

As a sixth-grader who has researched the subject, I believe vaccines can have a lot of bad things — alive and dead — in them. Vaccines also contain animal products and other chemical compounds. All of these can be bad for the body. Vaccines are not 100 percent effective. I know people who got the flu shot and still got the flu. My whole family did not get the flu shot, and none of us got the flu.

Although research doesn’t show a link, many people believe autism increases with more vaccines. In 1983, one in 10,000 kids got autism. At that time, there were only three vaccines, and you got 10 shots in all. In 2008, one in 150 kids got autism. In that year, there were 10 vaccines, and, in all, you got 36 shots. Today, there are 38 shots for 21 different diseases.

My mom and I have a very strong opinion about vaccines. My little sisters have not been vaccinated, and they are very healthy babies. I think vaccines are making people less healthy.

Juliette Semro

Battle Ground