Letter: ‘Profit motive’ matters



Regarding the June 6 Columbian story “Top paid officials could make more in private sector,” what struck me most was the statement by City Manager Eric Holmes that he realized he was not motivated by the profit motive.

Well that is just great, just what we need, managers who do not give a hoot about money.

This is not good for those with the responsibility of seeing to the best use of tax dollars.

Holding the “profit motive” mentality is what keeps good managers in all segments from borrowing and spending frivolously whether it is a corporate bank account or tax revenue.

Maybe folks out there will finally come to grips with the fact that our appointed and elected officials are not getting the job done based on current budget and spending conditions.

Also there should be a law that prevents public-sector executives from leaving those positions, probably with a hefty retirement pension, and making the immediate jump into consulting with firms that feed off public sector tax dollars. Get it?

Jock Demme