Letter: Early Childhood Center will be missed



It’s no secret that soon Vancouver Public Schools will be closing the doors to the Early Childhood Center. While I am not a district employee, I have had the honor of working in the building alongside some amazing early childhood educators. In the past years, there have been all kinds of events in what use to be Leiser Elementary School. The building had been put to good use by the district and other programs throughout Vancouver.

It was just a few days ago when I was sharing with the children in my preschool class that the building would no longer be used for a school. I asked, “What do you think the building should be if it’s not going to be a school?” Hands were waving as nearly every one of the children wanted to share. “Oh, I think it should be a clinic,” said one of the students, then I heard, “A store,” “A museum,” “A library,” and an “apartment.” Wouldn’t it be nice if it were that easy? However, the building needs much repair even though it has been well taken care of by some outstanding janitors.

I will miss what VECC has provided to our community’s families.

Kathy Schoenmakers