Letter: Apply ‘Golden Rule’ to animals, too



Imagine yourself as a small dog. Your owner just came home and you are afraid. First, you run to the safest place you can find to hide your bruised body. But there is no use; they have already found you. It’s all over now. This is what many animals deal with daily. Some animals have had to deal with this their whole life. As a sixth grade student, I would like to advocate for animal rights and for the end to animal abuse.

Animal abuse is hurtful not only to animals, but humans, too. It may hurt both humans and animals physically and emotionally. Frequently, animals are objects for human entertainment. There is also controversy with animal testing on human-use products. Episodes of animals isolated to chains and beaten may often get overlooked.

Many people strongly hate the abuse of animals and are disturbed by it. Many people, including me, believe animals should be free. We shouldn’t be able to keep animals if we don’t treat them right. We should treat animals the way we want to be treated. If humans have the right to be free, then animals do, too.

Taylor M. Hines