Letter: Return respect to Oval Office



Honor, virtue and integrity are attributes often found in the one sitting in the highest office of the land. Occasionally, presidents have failed to possess these qualities but respect was given nevertheless due to the stature of the office itself. Respect begins with the occupant, recognizing that he stands for, serves and represents all the people. Sadly, the one holding this office today reveals such disrespect for the American people that one wonders if respect for the office itself has been lost.

Compare him with Ronald Reagan, who would not sit in the oval office without a suit and tie because of his belief that to do so would not show proper respect; who cherished and loved the American people, but even more trusted and believed in them. Our current president mocks citizens who are worried about security on our borders, that despite all his efforts they are not satisfied. He ignores the will of the people and usurps his power by bypassing Congress in order to achieve his goals; installs a regime who takes every opportunity to control the lives of citizens and build barriers to businesses that don’t suit his fancy.

While liberty, freedom and adherence to Constitutional principles are critical, today I yearn for respect.

Lynn Costello