Washougal sailor added to Vietnam memorial



Washougal — The family of Washougal sailor Richard Daniels, who died in 1971, attended the ceremony when his name officially became part of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The sailor’s brothers, Roger Daniels of Washougal and Mike Daniels of Alaska, were with their families in Washington, D.C., on Memorial Day. The names of four other servicemen who died during service in Vietnam also were added to the memorial. The families were joined by Juan M. Garcia, assistant secretary of the Navy, and Marine Col. Emily Swain, special assistant to the secretary, at the commemoration program. The five additions brought the total to 58,272 names on the monument. The new names, added a couple of weeks earlier, officially became part of the monument when they were read aloud on Memorial Day. Mike Daniels did the honors for his older brother. Richard Daniels was not killed in combat, which was a requirement when the memorial was dedicated in 1982. Eligibility has changed since then to include all deaths in the war zone, as well as deaths that were a result of combat wounds — even years later.