Talking Points 1/8




It turns out that he Bowl Championship Series is facing a little bit of a problem.

Empty seats and sinking ratings.

Oh, not for the BCS championship game. That’s the hottest ticket around — one that sent StubHub into a bit of a meltdown this week.

But problems are creeping up with the cartel’s other four games.

As the Associated Press reports:

Ticket sales for some of those games — the Orange, Sugar, Rose and Fiesta bowls — have been sluggish, and ratings generally have been lukewarm. There were thousands of empty seats at the Fiesta and Orange bowls. Connecticut sold only about 5,000 of the 17,500 Fiesta Bowl tickets the school was required to buy.

“We have to find a way to revitalize the marketplace,” Sugar Bowl executive director Paul Hoolahan said.


If only there were some way to guarantee sold-out postseason games. You know, like games are when they’re played on campus.

If only there were some way to captivate everyone’s interest, with the pressure and excitement increasing for each game. As if feeling good about winning one game only set up the next.

If only there were some way to determine beyond a reasonable doubt which was the best team in the land at the end of the season.

If only there were some way.

Hmmm. Nope.

Nothing comes to mind.