Letter: Bicycling gaining ground in Vancouver



After reading the June 12 story, “With safety equipment and a little knowledge, getting around on two wheels can be a fun, rewarding experience,” on bicycling in Vancouver, I was left somewhat confused on the comments about East Vancouver. The story highlighted the fact that Mill Plain Boulevard and 164th Avenue had no bike lanes but made little mention of the many other streets with bike lanes.

One comment stated even riding south of Mill Plain was unsafe. I have commuted to Portland for the past three years from my East Vancouver home and find the route as safe as any in Portland. My ride takes me on 172nd Avenue, McGillivray and Ellsworth, all with bike lanes and all south of Mill Plain.

Contrary to the story, I have found the drivers in Vancouver to be no different than the drivers in Portland. I ride my bike to the grocery store, the shopping center and to some of the local restaurants.

If I had a complaint, it would be about the lack of bike racks. While Vancouver is not the bike mecca of Portland, we have come a long way.

Kathy Fritz