Letter: Laws clear on medicinal pot



Regarding the June 11 story, “Growing suspicions; Thanks to alert neighbors, police find prolific pot-growing operation in Vancouver house,” a black-market grow ruining a home is not a good thing. Theft of power is stealing. I’ve no arguments there. All bad stuff, no doubt.

You know what else is bad? How about when Task Force Commander Mike Cooke off-handedly slams medicinal cannabis as a charade and then makes statements that indicate he doesn’t know what the medicinal cannabis laws are in this state? That scares me more than a black-market pot grow.

I find Cooke’s comments wholly disingenuous and verging on malfeasance.

I would guess it would take Cooke about five minutes to have my phone number and address. So, Cooke — grab Cleve Thompson, the county’s drug and alcohol program manager, and drop in. I’d be more than happy to school you guys on RCW 69.51a and Senate Bill 5073. All I ask is you come by at a decent hour and knock.

Jim Kennedy