Oregon doe gives birth to 3 fawns near hospital



ASHLAND, Ore. (AP) — She was not admitted to Ashland Community Hospital in southern Oregon to give birth, but fortunately she didn’t need a health care plan.

The Mail Tribune reports that hospital staff and patients watched a black-tailed doe give birth to three fawns — instead of the usual two — on the hospital grounds Wednesday.

Nurse Nancy Nowlin said she was sitting down to enjoy her lunch in a hospital break room while outside a picture window, near a bird feeder and a statue of an angel, the mother deer was delivering her fawns.

Nowlin said that after each birth, hospital employees played a lullaby over the intercom like they do for every baby born in the hospital’s birthing center.

A state biologist said three fawns are uncommon but not rare.


Information from: Mail Tribune, http://www.mailtribune.com/