Letter: Argument of vaccine risk is baseless



The June 11 letter from Juliette Semro, “Consider effects of vaccines,” condemning vaccines, was both misleading and wrong.

Virtually all vaccines used in this country are thimerosal free. Although thimerosal has been removed from childhood vaccines, the rate of autism continues to rise. There is no scientific evidence that thimerosal or any vaccine ever caused or was related to autism.

The example that someone who was vaccinated got the flu fails to admit that they may have had similar flu-like symptoms, but a different or milder flu virus. Or the example that people unvaccinated did not get the flu ignores that they were surrounded by and protected by those at school or work who were vaccinated.

Vaccines are proven to protect everyone from the true killers such as polio, whooping cough, hepatitis, tetanus, and small pox. Vaccines have been exhaustively tested and proven to be a safe and effective application of medical science that protects our society and our most vulnerable citizens. If you have concerns about vaccination, ask your doctor.

Do not accept the argument that vaccines make people less healthy; it’s not true.

Dennis Spain