Letter: New vaccine law restricts choice



Contrary to the opening paragraph of the June 13 story, “State worst for vaccine exemptions,” vaccines are not required by our government. Vaccines are mandated, which means neither mandatory, required, nor law! At best, mandated means officially recommended.

Aside from the misinformation, I’m very disappointed that we’re about to have this new “law” looking for a doctor’s signature on the exemption form. This is a move toward less personal choice and freedom when I look to Washington as a state that leads our nation in the respect of human rights. This new law should not be allowed to go into effect since it continues to support the myth that the government requires us to inject our bodies with chemicals that can have unknown, unmeasurable adverse reactions.

But how could anyone be against increased vaccinations? Are they unsafe? For a different perspective, visit http://www.hrsa.gov/vaccinecompensation/statistics_report.htm to be reminded that injuries and death are possible from vaccinations.

More than $2 billion has been awarded to victims thus far.

There is plenty of research and literature available that supports the argument to avoid risk and “do no harm” to one’s body as the first consideration toward long-term health.

Bob Runnells