Letter: Raise the bar for appropriate conduct



The true colors of liberal progressivism: Should not our elected representatives be held to a minimum standard of behavior? I believe the military code of conduct for officers and gentlemen would be sufficient in dealing with miscreants of the likes of Bill Clinton and the new standard set by U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y. The bar is so low a cockroach would not fit between it and the ground.

For the so-called progressive liberal, “anything goes” regarding morality including: lying, cheating on their taxes and spouses, and smearing reputations. Whatever it takes to serve their amoral purposes and remain in power, they will do. And I fear the electorate isn’t that far behind.

All one has to do is ask what would happen to an officer in the military if they conducted themselves in such a fashion? They would be fired, and in the case of Clinton, even a private sector manager or CEO would be dismissed immediately, but no, Clinton kept his job.

If we do not turn our people and country around, the United States of America will be no more than a footnote in history.

Chris Hill