Community looks for 3 missing Bhutanese men




SEATTLE (AP) — Members of the Bhutanese refugee community are distressed after three men went missing in Spokane more than a week ago.

Community organizers say that 28-year-old Dilliram Bhattarai and 21-year-old Krishna L. Dhital of Tukwila, as well as 17-year-old Krishna Dhakal of Spokane, have not been heard from since June 11.

Spokane Police spokeswoman Jennifer DeRuwe says missing persons report has been filed and investigators are looking into the case. But no significant leads have surfaced.

All three are from families that spent years at United Nations refugee camps in Nepal before arriving in the United States two years ago. The families fled Bhutan because of ethnic tensions.

Community leaders say the families “are in deep sorrow and have no clue on how to precede the search.”