Talking Points: Lessons to learn



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


There seems to be a lot of college football in the news these days, and there isn’t a college football game on the schedule for another 2½ months.

But as another incoming class of college freshmen get ready for next fall, here’s a list of dos and don’ts that we’ve learned that every college football player should adhere to.

• Attend all of your college classes.

• Take all of your college exams yourself.

• Don’t accept “gifts” from a sports agent, especially if they happen to exceed $100,000 in value.

• If fact, don’t accept gifts from anyone you don’t know.

• When making your college choice, it’s perfectly acceptable to take advice from your father, just make sure that advice in not being funded by a potential college suitor.

• Read and adhere to all posted parking signs. If you happen to get a ticket, pay the fine.

• If you have a suspended license, don’t drive someone else’s rental car. But if you happen to drive someone else’s rental car, try to keep it well under 118 mph.

• Pay for your own tattoos.

• Pay for your own means of transportation.

• And finally, when boarding in a major airline, for Pete’s sake, pull up your pants.


Have you ever been to a major league baseball stadium, taken your seat in the upper level and noticed some middle-aged guy sitting next to you with his baseball glove just on the off chance that some foul ball might come within 200 feet of him?

So imagine what people thought of Washington Redskins fan Josh Richards who kept showing up to the Redskins players informal practices last week with his football cleats.

Ah, but Richards got the last laugh on the final day of workouts when only 23 players showed up. When linebacker London Fletcher asked a group of fans if anyone has “brought their stuff,” Richards stepped forward.

“I felt like if I had cleats on they couldn’t say no,” Richards said after his brief stint as an NFL defensive back. “So I went out there and did a few ball drills with the defensive backs. I dropped the first two balls, but after that, I didn’t drop anymore.”

Moral to the story? If you don’t mind running the risk of looking a little foolish, a chance of a lifetime could fall at your feet.